CHORD GURU™ Guitar Learning System

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 Learning the guitar should be fun! Learning with CHORD GURU™ is just that. From day one you are playing real songs with just the press of a button!

  • Guitar Learning System
  • Attaches to the neck of the guitar
  • Makes learning chords easier

Ready, Set, Play...Today! The CHORD GURU™ is the World's Best Guitar Learning System and attaches to the neck of the guitar. Makes learning chords easier It gets you playing from day one.

  • CHORD GURU™, with tabs for the key of G that will allow you to play literally thousands of songs.
  • Chords that can be played: G, D, C, and e minor.
  •  The CHORD GURU™ works on all standard dreadnought, full-size, 3/4 and 5/8-sized acoustic and electric guitars.

This version of Chord buddy will not work on LEFT HANDED Guitars.